Terms and Conditions.


All prices are given are as estimates over the phone, email or through the Karen's Ovengleam Facebook page, subject to the description given by the customer; these descriptions are taken in good faith by Karen’s Ovengleam. If the appliances are found to be different to the description then the operative will charge the client the applicable price for the appliance(s). Should the client not agree with the actual costs the appliances will not be cleaned and the client will be charged for the appointment time by Karen’s Ovengleam to recoup actual losses of the appointment. This charge equates to the cost of the works booked. 
Price assumes a maximum of 2 shelves and a double glazed door to a standard single cavity oven, 1 shelf for a standard grill cavity and double glazed door. Only shelves and parts original to the appliance may be cleaned. Trays, tins and grill pans are not included in the service. Aluminium and non-stick trays/shelves are excluded from the service. Additional shelving and/or triple or quad glazed doors may incur an additional charge.
Upon cleaning part of an appliance (e.g. main oven only of a 1 ½ door double oven) then the clean will only include the parts originally intended for that particular oven. Any additional shelving requiring cleaning will be charged for.
Neff'Hide and Slide' oven door: an additional surcharge of £25 will be applied to clean in between the oven door glass (only if accessible).
When cleaning a cooker hood extractor, the clean excludes the electric motor area, ducting and carbon filters due to health and safety.  
Sides of free standing appliances will only be cleaned if easily accessible. (An additional charge may apply).
Estimates given over the phone include any ongoing promotions (where applicable).
The Client is paying for a timed service from the time the operative arrives at the property. If the operative is unable to carry out the cleaning service at the time of arrival, then the time for the cleaning service will be shorter than verbally estimated at the time of booking.
Prices vary between domestic and commercial premises commercial prices will be applied to domestic appliances used for commercial purposes, eg. cake making business run from home premises.
A minimum of TWO FULL WORKING DAYS notice (Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays) is required by Karen’s Ovengleam if the client requires  to amend, reschedule or cancel the appointment. If this notice is not received and formally acknowledged (by a return phone call, email, Facebook message or text message) by Karen’s Ovengleam then a cancellation charge will be made by Karen’s Ovengleam equating to the cost of works booked, to be paid immediately. 
It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the appliance is in a fit condition for our operative to carry out the clean before the cancellation period before the appointment. As the client, you are buying a cleaning service; not a repair service i.e. the appliance must be in a good, fully functional working condition. If during the functional and safety checks carried out prior to cleaning, the operative find the appliance is not in a fit, working state to be cleaned, the client will be advised and Karen’s Ovengleam will charge for the appointment time to recoup actual losses of the appointment equating to the cost of the works booked. 
Hot tap water must be available at the property in order for cleaning to be carried out. 
Karen’s Ovengleam requires safe and easy access to and from the appliances at the property. Karen’s Ovengleam will require to safely move cleaning equipment into and out of the property, please ensure access is provided prior to the arrival of the operative.
Karen’s Ovengleam reserves the right to withdraw services where the operative deems it not safe/applicable to carry out a service.
When cleaning Agas, Rayburns etc. The appliance must be working, turned on and hot prior to the arrival of our operative. If this is not the case then Karen’s Ovengleam will reserve the right to charge for the appointment time to recoup actual losses of the appointment, equating to the cost of the works booked as the clean may not be able to be carried out.
When booking an appointment, Karen’s Ovengleam gives the client a ‘time window’ for the time of arrival. Karen’s Ovengleam may sometimes arrive for the appointment before or after this ‘window’ and reserves this right.
Karen’s Ovengleam reserves the right to charge the client a deposit or full payment on booking an appointment (when required) by debit or credit card using iZettle invoicing through a valid email address. 
Karen’s Ovengleam does not offer terms for payment. All works must be paid for on immediate completion of the works carried out unless prepaid. Should payment not be made upon immediate completion Karen’s Ovengleam reserves the right to retain all removable parts cleaned by Karen’s Ovengleam from all appliances until payment is made in full. Karen’s Ovengleam reserves the right to charge for storage of retained items and charge for a revisit to return retained items (dependent on location and items retained). 
Karen’s Ovengleam accepts payment by cash, debit card or credit card All components are checked by the Operative before work commences. 
Upon making payment, the client accepts and acknowledges all the works to have been completed to a satisfactory standard. All appliances to be in the same working condition as prior to the clean and no damage caused to all property by any Karen’s Ovengleam operatives. 
Light bulbs are not covered by any warranty or 
guarantee as they are consumable electronic items. This does not affect the client’s statutory rights. 

At Karen’s Ovengleam we would like our workers to carry out works in a non-smoking environment and politely request smokers not to subject our staff to a passive smoking environment whilst working at their property. 
“If you are a smoker and you receive care assistance or you’re getting a plumber in to install a new boiler, for example, it’s courtesy not to smoke whilst they are there. In fact, in some cases, when contracts are agreed, a tradesperson might stipulate that he/she will not work inside a house where a person is smoking. In the event of this, it is then up to the person living in the house to decide whether or not they can agree to this and if they do, they need to comply. However, by law, a person who lives in their own home can still smoke freely, even if a non-smoker is carrying out work or providing a service to them on their property, unless some kind of written agreement not to smoke is drawn up first and agreed by the resident. Usually common courtesy is respected here, however.” From http://www.safeworkers.co.uk/exemptions-smoking-ban.html


This promotion is only valid in the following circumstances:-
To domestic appliances in domestic properties used for domestic use only. 
On Monday to Friday bookings completed within normal office hours.
Not valid during December.
Promotion to be used on appliances within the following post code areas only: - DE3, DE11, DE12, DE13, DE14, DE15, DE22, DE23, DE65, DE73.
The £5 off promotion is valid only on immediate payment on completion of the works of the balance owed.
Karen's Ovengleam reserves the right to withdraw the Promotion at any time without notice.  

Advertising tools, such as leaflets, flyers, magazine advertisements, newspaper advertisements etc. promoting "the £5 off promotion" do not constitute as money off vouchers and do not have any monetary value. The £5 off promotional price is given at the original price estimate (where applicable) when the client books the appointment. 

All flyers are valid for six months from the date printed on the flyer, unless otherwise stated.
Karen's Ovengleam may want to contact clients for marketing purposes in the future, if you do wish to be contacted please inform Karen's Ovengleam on how you would like to be contacted, phone, email or post by email to:-
Karens Ovengleam never 'cold calls' clients. Once a client has made an initial enquiry our operatives will contact a client in by their requested preference to follow up the enquiry and to confirm any booking or query. 

Details will NOT be passed onto third parties. 

When booking an appointment with Karen’s Ovengleam the client is agreeing to all the above terms and conditions.